Truly found love

After years of wondering if I had found love which for past 5-7 I had not though one came close, I have finally found my soul mate and husband to be though he is one i was with when I was 19.. We are to be married next Oct if all goes well and I can truly say this  woman is happy,loved,cared for and such and doesnt fear the future as much or having to worry if one will hurt her.. It is truly an joy to wake up every day and feel loved and know that you love someone who loves you as much and wants you happy like you do them and worries about you.. So I say again I have truly found love and one who shares in my crazy ways, my religion and such and doesnt try to change me,hurt me or anythng.. it is an blessing ..


Future wonderings

Lately, it seems as if the future is on my mind alot and things I wanted as child are rearing their heads now. Everywhere I go, I have been seeing happy families with their kids and an part of me that I thought had gone away years ago has decided to return and cause an ache in my heart and soul.It seems that I’m wanting to have kids one day and wanting to have that happy family that I see around me- on tv or near me at home. I know that I’m not fully ready for an child at this time but it doesn’t stop me from thinking of what it would be like to finally have an pregnancy go through full term and to raise an child.  I have always wanted to find love,get married,have an kid and have an happy family that could talk out problems. I could have most of that which would be great.  Another thing that I’ve been thinking about is what I want to do with my love life. Right now, as it stands I have two great guys that I love and who love me but I am not sure if the future holds us together. I would do anything for these two guys as they would for me but with me one day wanting an family-how long before they can’t take that and we have to split? I would hate to lose either one from my life but I fear I may one day. That stirring of wanting an family and to be happy in love has been on my mind alot in last few months and is hitting me more everyday. I’m young still and have few more years before I have to truly worry but it is something on mind and i know its something I truly want just like real love that can make it through bad/good times & no lies. So, I shall sit here and try to figure out things and enjoy what I have in my life and the ones I love.


Wild Journey into Love

Journey into love is not all it seems

My journey into love has been an wild ride of ups and downs and being fooled by those close to me. I’m one who some would call an True Romantic at heart and goes out of her way for those she loves and cares about. I believe that all of us have an True Soulmate as well as regular SoulMates out there. Now, some of you may ask what an soulmate is and the answer to that is this::: A soulmate (or soul mate) is believed by some to be person (s) with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, sex, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility.Yet, normally we can find soulmates in our friends,family,strangers, and even enemies. We do tend to find someone who fits this and date them and think they are our one True Soulmate for us and be happy but soulmates are not the True Flame mate.There are also Karmic Soulmates which is:: Soulmate that helps you out with stuff you need help with in this life or from past lives like compassion,how to be openminded and so on. These type of soulmates tend to be on/off,hot/cold and very intense that one if not both parties can not understand what is going on or are ready for it. .Just know that this type of soulmate is not the True Twin Flame which is very unique and hard to find. There is the companion mate which is normally the ones we marry and have family with- they are most like our Twin Flame yet not as deep.  Now onto what an twin Flame is & thankfully I’ve found mine.
Twin Flame is the other half of ones soul. They complete each other, compliment each other and are highly compatible.There is only One Twin Flame for each of us- No more than that!!!!! When you meet your Twin Soul, you will feel an instant attraction to them and not understand why or how. You will feel things you have not felt before and they are not normal so do not try to give them everyday words to describe them.What you are feeling is coming from your SOUL not heart or anywhere else. The Twin Soul connection is involuntary because it involves the spirit, subconscious, essence and soul. The feelings involved in a Twin Soul connection cannot be forced, because they come from strictly an involuntary place from deep within which is the soul. Twin Flame/Twin Soul connections are the only type of Soulmate connection that involves the Silver Cord connection, also known as The Silver Cord Of Destiny and The Silver Cord Of Fate..Twin Flames are eternally connected by their chest, from soul to soul (or some say heart to heart) with a silvery/blue cord, which is the color of moonlight. THIS CORD IS THE LIFELINE OF TWIN SOULS/TWIN FLAMES. This cord can NEVER be severed and it can never break either. Not even the Twin Souls themselves can break this special eternal cord between them. It is this special silver cord that connects one to their Twin Soul/Twin Flame. Through this cord, you feel each other, you sense each other and it draws you together, regardless of space, time and distance. I have to say that when I saw this cord with one it is connected to, I wanted to run away but something would not let me. I got to know the one it was connected to and am thankful I did.My Twin Flame is for sure one of an kind and someone who I could not imagine life without. I felt my whole world change the second I saw my Twin Flame and felt things for him then as well as when we first started talking online that I could not explain. I tried to ignore the feelings and thoughts that were going through my head and was fighting against everything but to no avail. There is no escaping this bond you have with your Twin Flame and sooner or later you will end up together. I am with mine though our relationship is not your usual one- I will say that. Like I said to start this off- my journey into love has for sure been an wild one but interesting and helpful for its gotten me to my Twin Flame. I thought I had found this special bond twice before in this life but they were just Karmic Soul Mates that I will forever cherish and love. The second one was the most wild ride of them all for we had plenty of ups/downs,cold/hot moments and helped each other in different ways. When we met, both our lives changed but the bond we had formed was not one of Twin Flame. We had planned an future together and it was an romance that could have made it had it not been for our fears and society butting in. He did help me figure out what it was I was seeking and learn more about what an True Soul Mate was and helped awaken me more spiritually which is what has helped me realize that the one who is in my life now is indeed my Twin Flame/True Soul Mate. When I met the one who is my Twin Flame- felt the earth move/electricity go throughout my body/ felt as if I’ve known him forever *which I already felt just by talking to him online* and other things that I could not explain. Like I said, I did try to ignore these feelings and sensations that I was feeling for the longest time as well as the cord I saw between us though I made it clear that I liked him and found him cute but I could not ignore the feelings for long. This year, I finally came out and told him what I felt and he told me he felt the same.  It was quite an wonderful feeling to hear and see him say those words and know they were true. Our path has not been an easy one nor has it not been filled with bumps since we told each other how we feel or started being together but it has for sure been worth it. He is the one I’ve been seeking for so long and now that we are together, we are doing all we can to make it work and last.We have an bond that has been there for many lifetimes and I’m just so thankful he is in my life and that we are able to give our love an shot. I know we are going to have some problems but with him by my side, we shall be able to get through them and be an strong and happy couple.

So for those of you who are trying to figure out if love is worth it or not…. I say it is even with the troubles you may have. Do not go seeking your Twin Flame for you may not find that in this life but you may find an Companion Mate which is just as good and they can love you just as deep. Any kind of love is worth the troubles and joys that come with it, so go out and enjoy love and never let anyone say its not worth it. Do not give up nor lose faith in finding the one who completes you and makes it all worth it.